Passivation of stainless steel is the non-electric process of removing free iron from the surface of a part using a chemical solution as described in ASTM A967-01, AMS 2700, and QQ-P-35.

High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. follows the ASTM A380-99 standard for pre-treating prior to Passivation.  All oils, darts, impurities, weld scale, mill scale, and heat discoloration are removed to insure a good Passivation of the surface.  We process very small to very large parts.

High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. also offers on-site Passivation of stainless steel process equipment in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, and Beverage Industries as well as other related industries. 

Let High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. help you with your FDA Microbial Intervention Programs.

Metal Pickling

High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. offers metal pickling processes which involve several procedures.  The pickling process removes the weld scale, heat discoloration, morphing, dyes, rust, grease, oils, and other impurities from the part.  Each step in the process helps improve the surface condition.  We specialize in very large parts although we do not shy away from the very small parts.  We pickle all size parts; from the especially small to the especially large.

Aluminum Cleaning

High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. has a state of the art aluminum cleaning and etching line.  We run very small to very large parts in three to five days with quicker turn-around as requested (JIT).  We offer clean room packaging for many industries such as Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Alternative Energy, and Medical.  We also can do sample parts for you at no charge so give us a call, 269-327-8897. 

We maintain an extensive database on all of our processing and racking procedures, and along with our over 30 years plus knowledge of the industry we are able to determining the best process available for your particular parts.  If there is not a process that already fits your situation, we can draw upon our teams vast knowledge and refer to our database to develop a process to fit your specific needs.
Aluminum Services

  • Aluminum Cleaning
  • Aluminum Etching
  • Assembly Work
  • Clean Room Packaging
  • Research and Development
  • JIT

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process for aluminum is similar to that of stainless steel.  Following is a brief description of our aluminum cleaning process.

  • Prior to processing, all parts are thoroughly rinsed with DI water.
  • Parts are submerged in our custom mixed cleaning solution for a specified amount of time.
  • Parts are then power washer and rinsed with DI water.
  • At this point, you want the aluminum to take on a certain look.  To get to this outcome, the parts are subjected to a proprietary process.
  • Then, the parts are power washed again and rinsed with DI water.
  • The parts are wiped and then sent to the clean room.
  • Parts are final dried and swabbed in a clean room environment away from the processing area to ensure there is no contamination.
  • Parts are then wrapped per customer spec and stored in the clean room area awaiting shipment,
  • All technicians will wear Tyvec suits and ambidextrous gloves.

As you can see from the above process outline, we follow a pre set process for our cleaning.  We follow these guidelines on a day to day basis and all of our procedures are proprietary. Let our engineers develop a proprietary process to fit your companies needs, give us a call 269-327-8897.